25è aniversari

In May, 27th 2013, ACIM celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Casal del Metge Auditorium, in Barcelona. On this special day we counted on the participation of our friends and professionals from different fields related to childhood and adolescence, as well as with a large number of people who showed a great collaborative spirit.

We had the pleasure to meet again with former and current founder partners, with colleagues who have collaborated, one way or another, in a task that we have been carrying out since our beginnings, and with the unilateral commitment on the defense of the Rights of Children and Adolescents, joining efforts and guiding projects related to the attention and good treatment to children.

The celebration brought together professional artists from different fields -theater, music, interpretation- who collaborated with us in a selfless way. We express our gratitude with thanks to Quim Cases- the presenter- , who conducted the act throughout the whole program with his elegance and professionalism. We also must express our gratitude to Jordi Querol, who delighted us with a series of wonderful melodies; to Mercè Framis, who with her delicacy and emotion performed the stage play “Jo tinc una caseta”, which author is R. Folch i Camarasa with her Shadow Play. In the same way, we want to express our gratitude to Aaron Ribas, a young musician who surprised us with the magic of his violin and to Marga Carbonell and his puppet “La Canija”, who performed with humor and passion the flamenco spirit. Finally, we must express our gratitude with thanks to the Sant Andreu Jazz Band and its group of young artists who gave the final touch to this celebration so significant for us.

Fotografies de Ludwig Seitz