We act as an advisory and attention service to individual requests related to real (present or past) or suspected situations of child abuse (suffered by the person itself or suffered by others), at the family, professional or community field. The access channels can be via phone, email, web, personally, or through situations detected as a result of other interventions (workshops, talks, seminars, etc.).

Through our program, you have at your disposal an attention and professional guidance space, which is multidisciplinary and free, and it works as a way of support and / or referral to professionals and families with children or adolescents in their care at risk or abuse situations.

ACULL includes:

Attention to individual requests received via web, phone or in person, or detected during the workshops.

– Raising awareness and prevention of child abuse through several activities aimed at the general population (workshops, conferences, forums).

Attention, guidance and support for professionals and parents of children and adolescents victims of any form of abuse.

Support and advice to professionals and the general population about the phenomenon of child abuse.

ACULL goals are:

To assist, guide, support and containment to professionals and parents of children and adolescents victims of abuse.

To provide tools for professionals who deal with children and adolescents who suffer or who are developing aggressive attitudes or actions of harassment of his classmates, or are at risk.

To provide support and advice to professionals and general population about the different aspects of child abuse and its prevention.