Institutional information

General Assembly

It is the sovereign body of the Association. It is formed by all the associated members. The General Assembly meets in an ordinary session once a year. The members approve the reports, the action plans, the economic balance, annual budgets, the broad lines of action and they choose the seats of the Board of Directors.


Board of Directors

It is the collective body that runs the Association according to the guidelines established by the General Assembly. It is composed by: a president, a vice president, a treasurer, a secretary, and the vocal. Its members develop a voluntary work and they have a four year mandate, but they can be reelected.

Currently, the board of directors is composed by:

President: Carme Tello Casany

Vice-president: Josep Lluís Ortuño Cámara

Treasurer: Vicente Mora Baringo

Secretary: Margarita Ibáñez Fanes

Vocal: Maria-Pau Teixidó Palau


Technical team

Maria Angeles Vera Garcia

Marina González Cebrián


Activities report

ACIM’s Activities report 2015