Origin and history

In 1982, three pediatricians and two social workers from Catalonia met in Paris at the IV International Congress “sur les Enfants Maltraités et Negligés”. As a result of this meeting they started up a working group in our country focused on Abused and Abandoned Childhood. From 1985 to 1988, the group gathers to meet regularly in order to define the concept of “Abused Child”. In 1986, the group was consulted by the Catalonia’s Parliament during the process of drafting the recommendations that the House of Representatives began with the idea of establishing a regulatory framework for child protection and the recognition of children’s specific needs.

In March, 8th 1998, the Associació Catalana per la Infància Maltractada / Catalan Association for Abused Children was formally founded with the code 9664 / B of the Register of Associations of the Department of Justice of the Government of Catalonia. In 1990, together with the associations from the Basque Country (AVAIM) and Madrid (APIMM), ACIM was one of the co-founders of the Federación de Asociaciones para la Prevención del Maltrato Infantil / Federation of Associations for the Prevention of Child Maltretament (FAPMI), which is an association that operates statewide, and which headquarter is in Madrid. Immediately afterwards, the Andalucian Association (ADIMA) joined FAPMI.

In September, 26th 2006, ACIM was declared as an NGO of Public Utility by Order INT / 4256/2006 of the Department of Interior.

Our association is independent and is funded exclusively through the contributions of its partners, private donations and through the grants from public and/or private sector.