Leonardo Project


From 2009 to 2011 we participated in the International Leonardo da Vinci Program called “La formation des professionals travaillant avec les enfants des rues et dans les rues”. This working group put together the work and the participation of professionals from different areas, skills and disciplines, and contributed to the exchange of ideas and doubts over the problems and realities of children and adolescents in different societies.

The program enabled that a wide range of professionals -some of them with a wide professional experience- establish links between them and work together in order to raise awareness and to prevent a reality marked by injustice and helplessness of those who cannot defend themselves.

It should be pointed out the implementation of other activities during the development of the program addressed to the promotion and defense of the rights of Children and Adolescents. These activities were carried out in different organizations throughout conferences and seminars, in which the domestic violence (and how this violence affects children) and the prevention of ASI (Sexual Abuse in Childhood) were outlined, among others.

As a result of this work, we could bring together some of these professionals in the Final Conference in Paris, with quite satisfactory results.