One in five

One in five is a campaign promoted by the Council of Europe, which is part of the program “Building a Europe for and with children”, addressed specifically to the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, by raising awareness and providing self-protection tools for children.

The campaign includes pedagogical material, the Kiko Rule, which, based on a didactic guide, provides simple and understandable guidelines for children. Consult it here.

We carried out several presentations of the campaign in different capitals throughout Catalonia. We mainly addressed to professional groups linked in their daily work to children and adolescents (education, leisure, social services, pediatric health, etc.) and we promoted the development of round tables composed of local professionals from different fields in order to get to know each other, exchange opinions, doubts and best practices on the detection, prevention and attention to cases of children sexual abuse.

As a complement of the presentations, we offer Training Seminars about the same topics -prevention, detection, indicators, intervention, protocols, etc.,- which are adapted in their contents, their length and their timing addressed to the different professional target groups.