Services Portfolio


A central part of our work is prevention, from the awareness of professionals, families, children and young people, public authorities and society in general themselves on the need to ensure effective respect for the rights of childhood and adolescence.



In order to open spaces for reflection and raising awareness towards the protection of fundamental rights of our children and adolescents, we conduct workshops for:

o Children and adolescents.

o Parents and caregivers.

or faculty and other professionals involved.

or entities of associations (parents, neighbors, women, leisure, etc.).

The workshops are preferably carried out in two sessions, one starting with basic content related to the Rights of Children and Adolescents, and a second more specific part of the content of which is determined to user demand and depending on the needs, interests or concerns of the target group, such as:

~ Violence among equals.

~ Teen abusive relationships.

~ Risks associated with improper use of Internet.

~ Promotion of good treatment and positive parenting.

~ Rights of the children to break the troubled couple parents.

Other issues related to the objectives and mission of the association and which may be of interest to the group that directs the activity.


With the aim that everyone has the basic tools needed to identify and prevent child abuse situations while becoming agent promoting good deal, we went to:

Professional areas related to children,
Companies who want to enrich the training of their workers, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Provided with at least a two-hour session for a group of 25 people maximum, there we address the following topics:

~ Responsible Tourism and prevention of child sexual exploitation from the private sector.

~ Child Sexual Abuse and Maltreatment other; detection and actuation.

~ Identification and prevention of bullying.

~ Safe use of Internet, identification and prevention of inappropriate practices.

~ Sons and daughters to break the troubled couple of parents; how to minimize suffering and promote good deal.

The association delivers certificates of attendance individual and institutional recognition of Sensitized Company with Children.


Inspired by the conviction that prevention and addressing child abuse and the promotion of good treatment, should be joint efforts to coordinate interdisciplinary spaces ACIM study and reflection on topics of particular interest from our daily practice.

~ Working Group on infringement of the rights of children in conflict breaks couple.

~ Working Group on visible and invisible in school violence.


In order to respond to situations of (current or past, verified or suspected) child abuse, serve, welcome, advise and accompany individuals in need, as well as professionals in their practice are in a situation of maltreatment. This is a free service without specific admission requirements.

Within the same service, we are organizing a Mutual Help Group aimed at adults who have suffered some kind of abuse or maltreatment during childhood and it is open to anyone interested.