Working Group on violation of rights of children in conflict breaks couple

Working Group on violation of rights of children in conflict breaks couple

Through the program welcomes the ACIM receives an increasing number of inquiries about alleged child abuse, in which parents or mothers in separation of couples (current separation conflicts or post separation length), approaching the service for help or advice to solve situations of abuse of their children, newly revealed more closely with its own conflict with the former partner than with the best care of children and adolescents involved.

Briefly: a manipulation of children by parents in conflict, with negative effects, and even devastating, in their growth and development biopsychosocial.

Confirmed that the same phenomenon was received with equal frustration on the part of many professionals and services related to childhood and adolescence, December 2013 The ACIM convened and began to coordinate an interdisciplinary working group that included the participation of more than twenty professionals from different services and areas related to childhood (right, health, social services, escola) (Annex I. Relació d’assistents), constituting not only a space for meeting and reflection, but also knowledge and appreciation of others with a common starting point:

The exploitation of children in the context of conflicting couple ruptures is a form of child abuse for its unique and deserves special attention, especially, new strategies for prevention and awareness, both in the general public and professionals involved.
Durant l’any 2014 they held several meetings with bimonthly, in which they prepare the working papers on topics considered key: composition and interaction of the network of professionals and services, indicators of risk and protection factors, prototípic case, entre d’altres.

Once this job, throughout the year 2015 carried out the presentation of the group stage, by inter-session work carried out in the cities of Barcelona (25.02), Lleida (29.10), Tarragona (24.11) i Girona (26.11), end with a conference aimed at legal and judicial (City of Justice, 10 i 17.12) (GT-ACIM Vulneració D.I. en ruptures conflictives de parella).

The conference in the City of Justice were also an opportunity to present the collection of contributions and conclusions of the discussion groups that participated in the various presentations (Conclusions GT ACIM 2015)

the challenge, de way a l'any 2016, is preparing study materials for professionals, and general awareness, addressed to all citizens.