On June 2014 took place the Football World Championship in Brazil. On the occasion of this celebration, ACIM assumed the representation, in Spain, of the Tourism and Child Protection Campaign, promoted by IBEPIS, Institut Brasileiro d’Estudos, Pesquisas e Formação para a Inovação Social, in order to raise awareness among general population, and to join efforts in the fight against child sexual exploitation.

In Brazil, child sexual exploitation is a crime committed regularly, a fact that is compounded in the face of massive events of international scope, like a football world championship.

With the dissemination of this campaign it was intended to involve everyone in the reflection about the role that tourists can play in the defense of the Rights of Children and Adolescents. We participate in the promotion and dissemination of the adherence letter http://www.institutoibepis.org/campanha.php with the main purpose of raising awareness and to involve tourism sector on the prevention of child sexual exploitation.

You can take a look at the leaflet campaign in the following link:

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