Sensibilització a professionals

We bet on research, training and continuous learning, with activities aimed at raising awareness among professionals from different fields related to childhood and adolescence, in front of a reality that requires an interdisciplinary work and joint efforts, basic objectives to talk about good treatment of children and adolescents. From ACIM we want to share good practices, doubts and proposals for the improvement, empowering different professionals from different fields (education, health, social services, justice, leisure, etc.) in the acquisition of appropriate detection tools, referral, intervention and prevention of any kind of child abuse.

Our goals are:

To improve knowledge, detection and attention in front of any kind of risk situation or child abuse.

To promote networking among all services and professionals involved in the defense of children and their rights.

To disseminate and to share good practices and experiences.

You can ask for more information by calling 93 511 44 16 or by sending an e-mail to: