Awareness Workshops

Communicate Safely

These workshops aim to promote a safe and responsible use of Information and Communication Technologies (ITs) among children, adolescents, their families and their educators; and the fulfillment of the Rights of Children and Adolescents ( rights like: freedom of expression, protection of privacy, access to an adequate information).

We aim that children and adolescents know the potentialities of ITs and become aware of the potential risks derived from an irresponsible or uninformed use, and that parents and educators get involved in the accompaniment of their children in the appropriate use of these technologies.

Thus, we offer workshops addressed to students of all education levels, and to parents, caregivers, and teachers.


Rights in Action

Convinced that what’s unknown cannot be defended, this program promotes a range of activities with the main goal of disseminating the Rights of Children and Adolescents, addressed to different groups: children and adolescents, professionals, families, administration and citizenship.


These activities include

• Workshops in schools, addressed to children, adolescents and teachers.

• Conferences and forums in collaboration with other entities (parents, neighbors, women, and the elderly).

• Training seminars addressed to professionals.


Who can benefit from these workshops?

• Schools, different organizations and associations working with children and adolescents.

• Parents, educators / as and / or referents.

• Teachers and professionals working in the field of childhood and adolescence.

• Associations in general (leisure, neighbors’ associations, women’s associations, elderly’s associations)

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