One in five

One in five is a campaign promoted by the Council of Europe, which is part of “Building one Europe for and with children”, addressed specifically to the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, by raising awareness and providing self-protection tools for children.

Through the presentation of this campaign in different provincial and regional capitals, we mainly address to professional groups related with children (education, leisure, social services, pediatrics), and we promote the celebration of a round table composed by local professionals of different areas in order to share opinions, questions and good practices on the detection, prevention and intervention in cases of child abuse.

As a complement of the presentations, we offer Training Seminars about the same topics -prevention, detection, indicators, intervention, protocols, etc., which are adapted in their contents, their duration and their timing addressed to the different professional target groups.

Barcelona – Jorge-Barudy
Barcelona – José-Manuel-Alonso-Varea
Barcelona – Vicki-Bernadet
Lleida Lourdes-Zanuy
Lleida – Maria-Eulàlia-Palau
Lleida – Teresa-Vallmanya
Lleida – Vicente-Mora
Tarragona – Olga-Ibáñez
Tarragona – Raül-Aguilar
Vic – Fina-Collell
Vic – Josep-Roca-Carrió
Vielha – Imma-Caubet

You can take a look to all the campaign materials in Catalan on the website of the Council of Europe following this link: