Missions and goals

In ACIM we work with the following main purposes:

  • To Ensure the rights of children and adolescents.
  • To promote good treatment to and among children, their parents, professionals and the general population.
  • To combat all kinds of child abuse.

Our goals are:

  • – To promote and to coordinate studies and research about abused children or children at risk.
  • To exchange and to promote best practices and experiences through the dialogue with institutions and organizations working on the area of prevention of child abuse.
  • – To become a space that facilitates the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge, from the perspective of each discipline.
  • – To make training proposals aimed at everyone interested and linked to the world of childhood and adolescence.
  • – To collect all kinds of documents, bibliography and data about the incidence rate of child abuse.
  • – To participate in campaigns with the purpose of raising awareness about the reality of child abuse addressed to society and politicians.
  • – To support and to collaborate with different professionals linked to abused children.
  • – To promote and coordinate efforts for the protection of children and the development of policies and resources which promote the good treatment.
  • – To report publicly the unacceptable situations which affect children and adolescents.
  • – To develop programs, services and activities of direct intervention on behalf of abused children and their families.
  • – To carry out programs, services and activities of international cooperation related to children.